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Sheel’s Suit + Turban

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The Dream Kurta

The Fiery Turban

Sheel’s Churidar

Sheel’s Joota

Sheel’s Necklace

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Hey, just some clipping on the Kurta wearable, need to make the chain a bit bigger to avoid clipping issues and also add an earring since its in earring category and display it at 50% of thumbnail. Also make sure the top part of leg for the shoes is only weighted to the leg bone. For the Tyrban you need to hide hair to avoid clipping issues.

Hey Yannakis, thanks… i will check with the team now

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We have replaced the models, can you check it again please?

Hey, still same issue with shoes. Make sure the top part is only affected by the leg bone. Chain is also not visible in game. Make sure youre using the right armature and not apply transforms after rigging. Also need to add earring to the chain design and display them on at least 50% of thumbnail since its under the earring category.

This collection is permanently rejected. No wearables have been minted.