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Serena Elis World

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Glow Floating Music Notes


Love this! Can’t wait :slight_smile:

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I know right!!! looks sick!!

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@serenaelis These are super nice but due to new wearable x/y/z limits coming in, could you reduce the width/height and depth of this cool volume? (Just bring it in tighter a bit), Many thanks!

Hi malloy , Im making it for Serena. Should It be like inside the imaginary cube of 2.42m?

LOVE this wearable!!! <3

is this close enough? @Malloy

@DANi perfect, will get round to reviewing it again soon! Cheers!

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@DANi so for some reason in the editor they’re showing up as ‘upper_body’ slot?

is there anyway to review it over as i added the MVFM22 on the hashtag ?

@Malloy can it be pushed for changes, for the mvmf hashtags :slight_smile: