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Sea Creatures

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Octopus Bottoms



omg so cheeky i love it and i need it :smiley:

Lovely little seafarer brought a present back from the ocean. How sweet lol

This is awesome! Love the creativity. :black_heart:

Love the creativity behind this!! It’s so funny lol

looks great!!! so cute lol

OHHHH BABY!! Kirk you have done it again! How many times will you break down barriers for what can be created!?!?! It seems like you truly have unlimited potential!<3

Updated the image representation! Please let me know if this is approved! Thank you!

@vrglitch Friendly bump for approval status! :slight_smile:

hello there if there is no problem I will review this wearable today

hello @AnimatorKirk the concept is really funny but please the review the shell on the front part since some part of the rig are not correct

@Lauretta Hi Lauretta! Thank you for the compliments! I’ve resubmitted the model and corrected the shell part of the rig. I’ve also made slight changes to the name and description. Thank you!!

thanks a lot will approve as soon as I can

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@Lauretta Hi! I updated Inky to now include the ability to change its colors following the RGB update. Please let me know if there are any issues with the update. Thank you!

hey there cool that’s a lovely update will review as soon as possible