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SAUNALAND | Sauna Wear Shirt

SAUNALAND | Sauna Wear Pants


Love this! Looks so good~~~ :cloud:

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Thanks for your submission.
Notice that female and male representations have different hip heights, so for upper and lower body you will need to upload different models for each representation. Please use Wearables Reference Models.

You may want to reduce the triangle amount on both models to be near 1500 triangles. Also try to use max 2 textures for each item.


Please let us know when you are ready to proceed with the revision process.
Thank you!

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Thank you! I’ve just uploaded the corrected file! Please check it.

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@vrglitch We have completed the fix here, so please review it.

@Toshi looking good!

It seems you are now using female lower body on male representation and its causing some clipping issues…

There is also some overlapping issues between your two items

Please close the bottom part of the shirt to not have this kind of holes

Thank you!!

@vrglitch Sorry it took so long to fix! I’ve fixed the things you pointed out, please check!

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