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Samurai ONI Mask

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Arc’s Oni Mask


Futuristic Oni Mask I made, hope you guys enjoy. Also the eyes glow! Just cant see them in the photo…

thanks a lot for your patience @Arcadia will review this today

hey @Arcadia the wearable is working fine but it is a helmet please replace the hat not the helmet let me know when you do that and I will approve it

Hi! I made it replace the hat instead of helmet. And no worries I know you guys are backed up with submissions! Keep up the good work!

thanks a lot @Arcadia will have a look at this today; I edited this comment the wearable is approved

Definitely enjoy and will need

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i messed up and minted them all :@ its my first time. First 5 are up for listing tho!

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Cryptonian Thanksss!