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Samsung Collection House Of Sam

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Samsung Z Flip Wings

Samsung Freestyle Cap

**Samsung Awesome Jacket **

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Hi could you add some geometry above the head to make it fit the category, it will also need to take up half of the thumbnail. another option would be to change to earring category and add i little earring on the model too, this option will also need for the added geometry to take up 50% of the thumbnail

Greetings Sando. Thanks for your feedback. I’m not sure if I understand what is wrong to the model. We should change it’s category to earring, is that it?
It is meant to be an asset, attached to the character’s back.

yes its due to the category, we nee to make it fit. so if you change to earring category then you need to add some geometry onto the ear and let that new geometry take up 50% of the thumbnail

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Thanks for the fast reply Sango! The “Z Flip wings” are meant to be our main asset, so can we use an invisible geometry for the earring geometry? Otherwise, how can we give the proper importance to the thumbnail for this particular asset? Thank you very much.

Sango, we understand… I saw this one Bat Orlok - Decentraland Marketplace . We will change our NFT

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Hi again Sango! Sorry to disturb, but we came across some new ideas that we saw at DCL and I’d like to check with you if we can set our asset in the same way, once it must be highlighted in the publication, due to Samsung’s campaign requirements. It came to our attentions two particular objects, one is a medal and the other a hovering belt around the character’s hip.

The medal is set as earring, and it seams to lack any earring geometry. The other asset is set as top_head instead. Can we follow those examples? (Follows their’s links).
Decentraland Brasil Gold Medal - Decentraland Marketplace
Steve Aoki Amnesia Bershka POAP - Decentraland Marketplace
Thank you very much!

Hi, im affraid not, these either got through the net or were published before these rules were more strictly followed

Hi Sango! Good evening.
We changed the NFT adding a “Samsung buds pro” to occupy the ear. But the thumbnail was generated automatically, is that ok?

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Hi, you will need to make a custom thumbnail and make 50% of the earbuds and the other 50% of the thumbnail space the back item

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Hi! We did a custom thumbnail, Could you please take a look?

This collection has been approved

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Hi Sango, how are you?
The wearable Z Flip Wings now belongs to earring category. But when wearing the avatar, it doesn’t appear in the world of decentraland… what happened?
I edited it in an attempt to make it appear.
I can move it to your wallet if you want to test it too.

take everytihng out of the replaces section and only use the hide, do not put the category of the item you are using in the replaces/hide list

Ok, thanks. I removed all. But… the way it was the cap and the jacket appear in decentraland… only wings no.

yes i can only push the changes for the entire collection so need to make sure everything is set first, there are still items in the replaces section of the hat

ops… please, look again

can you try redoing the weighting for it?

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Hi Sango! I changed the glb. Can you look that the model is okay? In “see in world” its ok.