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Salsa Dancer

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Salsa Dancer Skirt

  • Description: Skirt from the Salsa Dancer Collection
  • Rarity: common
  • Category: lower_body

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Salsa Dancer Top

  • Description: Tube top from the Salsa Dancer Collection.
  • Rarity: common
  • Category: upper_body

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Everything looks good to me :]

She’s ready to dance. I’m looking forward to seeing if the community will like this. There are more drawings in my sketch book wanting to be converted to 3D, starting with the simple, yet elegant, ideas to test the water (i.e. w/o stitch patterns). I’m new to making clothes in blender; however, not new to 3D product design. I feel this could be an amazing way to combine my work experience and artistic outlet.

Hi Refraction! The lower body is clipping in this part when running. Can you check?

Screen Shot 2022-02-11 at 17.39.05


Hey, maybe the upper body can be confuse because it is showing both. Also the upper body has some dark shadows. Can you improve it?


Ok, I’m on it. Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

Hi Shibu,

I’ve uploaded the update.

To remove the dark shadows on the upper body, I’ve turned off auto smooth normals. I had it on earlier to accentuate the ruffles along the bust.

I think I’ve got the clipping fixed, let me know if there is anything else.

Thank you

Checking up to make sure this hasn’t dropped off the radar. Previously, the legs and dress were separate meshes, which is likely to be the source of clipping.

In the update, I combined the two meshes and removed leg geometries within the dress to remove any potential clipping in the region.

collection approved! love this wearable!

Thank you Shibu. I hope everyone will love this as well, dance the night away