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This is published, just have some issues with the bottom half not following legs well/clipping I need some advice please, been struggling with this project for over a month now. Any suggestions and all would be highly appreciated so I can perfect this and so it can get released. Weight paint issues at the moment at bottom and top piece/following legs etc

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Hey friend, I’m not on the committee but looks like the lower body isn’t connected to the top half (which will just make your life hard), female version probably would need a female representation, the clipping on the hips can be fixed by weighting the dress on the sides.
Also be careful, this looks like a heavy rip from existing IP but I’m not super familiar with Runescape, I’m just helping with the clipping haha

To fix the torso and legs being separated, delete these faces on top and bottom:

Then with the edges selected use this:

Make sure the objects are combined or it wont work!

Try to weight to the leg so when they jump, to will move with the leg. Weighting is super tricky and just takes a lot of trial error, I usually try to recreate the pose in Blender (haha I still have trouble with things like jump tho so it’s not just you! :sweat_smile:)

Really hope I could help!


Hey thanks for the comment, I’ve actually customized its appearance quite a bit and it is in fact an original unique design. Additionally I am still waiting for this to be reviewed.

Mat 1 = Base UV,
Mat 2 = Transparency + Emission that back part uses
Mat 3 = Original avatar mat that needed for the skin to retain DCL skin color

Updated: Please check the latest model in editor and give me advice on any changes need to be done before approval thank you, once Everything looks good and ready to approve I will create the female version just waiting on the green light from the committee.

Edit female version will be updated to show and the weight paints will be adjusted. Until then I will be working on it and let everyone know when its done so committee can review when they return from their holiday vacation thanks for your patience.

Edit: Hello, anyone from the committee reviewed this model yet? I would appreciate a response, I have waited a long time since this was published, hope you all had a great New Year and still waiting for someone from the committee to take a look and give comment on what needs to be changed before approval.

hey thanks @michi and @Runixcoin going to review this today and will be back in a moment

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hey @Runixcoin I encounter a few problemes on the wearable going to write them down here.

On the female model, the normals seem inverted I noticed that is only on the decentraland web and don’t on the builder so please review that

same on the male model

finally on the hides model you should also hide the feet since this wearable has shoes let me know when you do that

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Updated. It won’t allow me to upload the separate female model, seems to overwrite the model in builder so I have set it to both, with fixed normals please let me know if it’s ready for approval. Thank you.

hello @Runixcoin thanks for the update now I can see the model correctly however the cape behind the model seems to be clipping a lot I will recommend to review the model or remove the cape altogether

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Updated the cape it should no longer clip, just waiting for final approval. Thanks so much.

thanks a lot will review this item today @Runixcoin

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Thanks, whenever you are ready!

This is clearly Jagex IP of the fire cape, Elysian spirit shield, Bandos chest plate and tassets… Did you get IP approval from them to make this?

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@Runixcoin I’m gonna have to ask you to change the shield and the cape design as they are direct replicas of runescape wearables. Specifically fire cape and elysian spirit shield. Going to have to disable it until changes are made

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Updating the model as soon as possible and will let you know as soon as final changes are made

Updated the model, please have a look. I changed all of it so that it’s uniquely designed. Please double check and make it available again on the marketplace with your permission. Thank you @Chestnutbruze.

okay, approving now :+1: