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Royal Hearts

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Royal Hearts Tshirt


Cool tee’s let me review them, and I will come back to you!

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Seem to be working correctly, and there are no issues with them, approved!

WOW! Thanks for the quick response, we were actually in the process of updating the design, I wasn’t expecting approval until morning!!! :smiley: can you please reject it so I can update and resubmit?

it looks like i can still edit, but I can’t update the female representation

Scratch that, I’ve updated both representations and pushed updates for review! Thanks!

Just was going to say that! dont worry I will check them right now

@arnj_joe, just checking the model and it seems that it exceeds the weight of 2mb, rememeber to check that the texture has tobe 512x512 and the thumbnail can be a png image of 512 px is enought

Disregard previous, stupid mistake on my part. Should be good to go now!

nice! I m going to approve them again