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Roman Soldier

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Forgotten Hero

Hero Helmet


Hi, checking collection now!

There are some issues with the face, like this seam between lips and head

Can you add some thickness for cape?

Skirt requires some better smooth skinning (weight painting)

Shoes too:

Also, i cant change head eyes and lips, if that’s intented, then ok! (but i think some people will complain)
However, if you want, you can remove head on your model and change category to upper_body, limits will stay ok! 4500 is maximum triangles count for upper + lower + feet as one upper_body model. But that’s only if you want :slight_smile:

Helmet is ok, requires some edits in hiding list:
Replaces should be empty, because slot is helmet already :slight_smile:
Hiding list should have: hat, hair, tiara, all other categories seems ok!

Will get these things solved and get back with you. Thank you for looking it over.

Hi @theankou Those problems you mentioned have been resolved. Thank you

thank you, i will check collection in few minutes!

All good, one thing left :slight_smile:
Can you close the hole, please? :+1:

Should be fixed now. Thank you

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thank you, i will check collection in near time (1-2 hours)

looks like model is not updated? in-game i still can see hole
can you re-upload please?

I apologize about all of the failed attempts to fix the requested problems. I appreciate you looking this over. I believe everything as been corrected. Thank you for your time.

Hi, thank you for your time, apologize if my notes is annoying, however there is now one more issue with weights. Please correct them and i will approve collection :+1:

Let’s try one more time.
Roman bending over

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Collection approved!

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