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Rolmax Glow Retro Iced Out Bezel

Hi! Will check collection soon!

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  • thumbnail should have transparent background, triangles limit is 500, materials limit is 2, textures limit is 2
    also, for earring category you should additionally add earring model to match category.

emission seems to be very bright, is it intended?

thank you!

Alright! lemme fix some issues. Thank you. Wondering how ima get those triangles down.

Alright! @theankou I’ve reduced the quality radically. Took down a lot of emission, fixed the background picture and added an earring. Only problem is I could only bring Materials down to 8 and textures to 4. Decentraland only allows two different Materials (Color) ? no exceptions are made right? lol. Thank you.

They are definitely gonna make you take it down to 2 materials and 2 textures. If you make a texture with all the colors you need on it in PS or similar size 512x512 and then select and shrink your faces in the uv editor you can definitely get all the color variations you need. Hope this helps and good luck @MadMax


Limit is 2 materials and 2 textures

Alright! finally got a way to solve the problem! Thanks for the advice @StoneyEye it was really helpful! I think its legit @theankou you can double check. Thank you!

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Hi! thank you! i will check collection in 1-2 hours, i’m not at pc at the moment

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Checking collection now!

Hey! Looks like with watches all good, but as i see in builder for some reason there are two watches, when it should be one… This is a bug probably, do you see them two too? I’m waiting answer from our developers team about it

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Yeah its a bug! I tryed deleting it and it keeps coming back.

thank you, i’ll let you know when our developers will fix issue

collection approved!

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Sorry @theankou fixed emissions again was wayyy to bright! should be ok now. Thank you!

The collection has been assigned to theankou

collection re-approved!

Ok @theankou this time its the good one :joy: Thank you

The collection has been assigned to theankou