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Rock Sh!t By Unfortunate Origins

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Electric Guitar (Black)

Electric Guitar (White)

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Nice work, the only thing I see is the strap when emotes go off comes off the guitar a bit. Not a big issue tho


@CLTRVLTR Thank you! Are you reviewing my collection? Is this issue holding up the approval process?

Sorry I am not on the reviewal team or any team associated with DCL was just checking wearables trying to help before someone reviews your item. good luck

Oh I see. No problem at all. I appreciate the feedback!

Hey @UnfortunateOrigins ,
I’m reviewing this and thank you so much for waiting!

I notice the male version has been used on the female avatar so there is quite a bit of clipping.
If you can update this and let me know, I’ll review again!

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@michi Hey Thank you! Sorry Rookie mistake. I have updated, should be all set!

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This has been approved, thank you and rock on~

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@michi Thank you so much, Really appreciate everything!!

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