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Rolmax Pride

The collection has been assigned to michitodd

Hello! Really nice Fat watch~

Looking at this either your faces are reversed on the earring or the placement is wrong

Currently watch placement seems a bit off also causing clipping on the hand and also some shirts


Let me know how you go and when this is updated!
Thank you~

Alright @michi looks good to me now! Thank you.

Hey, not to be a pain but this seems to still have clipping issues?

Maybe slightly too wide… Also just confirming earring seems to be having clipping issues also, let me know what you think~

Also feel free to reach out if you need any more support or further feedback!

Hi @michi the watch was made to be wide and fat to make it stand out since its a small piece. It shouldnt be worn with long bulky sleeves… but i’ve fixed it for the green hoodie, yellow hoodie seems way to bulky near wrists. I also fixed the earing. Thank you for understanding.

Thanks for the update, this now works with a lot more longer sleeve options and is approved~

Can you please ensure thumbnail is 1024x1024 so I can close this off?

Thank you @michi! The thumbnail was fixed it should be good now!

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Thank you for being so patient with the process, it’s much appreciated and totally worth the wait!
That should be all approved and please feel free to reach out for any support~

Thanks to you @michi ! Different editions are to come. Thanks for the support!

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Hey @michi ! An update has been made! Thanks

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The collection has been assigned to michitodd

Thanks, thats approved again~