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Rich Apes

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Rich Apes Avatar #1

  • Description: Rich Apes DCL Avatar #1 - Visit RichApes_NFT on Twitter for more
  • Rarity: legendary
  • Category: skin

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Hi! Checking collection now! :sweat_smile:

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Looking forward to the review @theankou ! :sweat_smile:

will check right now!

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there are something strange in scene with your wearable, looks like you forgot to remove all unnecessary stuff on export :slight_smile:

also, add this things to hiding list, thank you!

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Hah I guess one of the heads got dragged off and left in there. I didn’t see it on my end in the editor.

The changes have been made!

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thank you! currently we have some issues with test in-world server, i will check your collection in-world few hours later and if all right, i’ll approve collection :+1:

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thank you very much!

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I think your avatar can be used for both male and female, because it’s a skin, change category from male to both, please :slight_smile:

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it has been updated!


can’t wait!

collection approved!

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