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Rhino Wearables Culture

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Day of the Dead


Cool design! Liking that skull :skull:

Thanks so much you are very kind!

@GAllanWalker Looks like a nice design;

Can you send proof of IP usage to (rhino wearables etc…)
And tune up the female rep so there isn’t clipping please;


@GAllanWalker you have to provide unisex, not just have either Male or Female etc… If you can upload a unisex version I should be able to approve

Revised and updated to unisex. Edited the shirt edges. Thank you

Update thumbnail with transparent background. Thank you

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Provided a unisex model and updated the thumbnail with transparent background.

Whats up brotha. You get everything situated and fixed? If you ever need help then send me a DM

its been 14 days since I heard from @Malloy I submitted revision and messaged but nothing so far

Hoping to get some feedback its been 17 days since I have had any communication.

Hoping to get some feedback its been 17 days since I have had any communication. @malloy @shibu @vrglitch

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Approved, apologies for the delay!

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Love Your Calaca Art! Nice Job! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Update the back of shirt.

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I resubmitted this 29 days ago any chance I can get a look at it. I only added type to the back of shirt @Malloy @vrglitch @Shibu @Sparkles @grimey Thank you :slight_smile:

Ill take a look on behalf of Malloy for ya! Checking now.

New texture looks good! Just some penetrations that need cleaning up.

There’s this penetration on the male run


And there’s quite a few more on the female run. I think a lot of these could be solved by raising the bottom of the shirt to match the female avatars waistline which is higher than the male avatars.


Updated shirt per your information

I’m still getting the same deformations when I load it up unfortunately.