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Not a Dragon Outfit but not sure I want to wear a dragon outfit. Lol! But a cool hoodie yes!

Hey! Please adjust waist vertices to be at the suggested height
Take into consideration that both representations have different hips height so you will need to make 2 representations (female and male).
Please use reference models.

Switched to male only. Removed Rhino Wearables until IP is secured.

After reupload and switching to male it still is showing it unisex

It is showing male now. not unisex

Updated to unisex and revised .glb to correct the edges of bottom of hoodie. Thank you

Thank you, Collection approved

CC: @vrglitch
@GAllanWalker Hey there, just happened to notice your wearable on the marketfront. Looks like you need to update the thumbnail so the background is transparent:

Let one of us know when you’ve updated! :raised_hands:

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Updated the thumbnail with a transparent background. Thank you

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Thank you, Collection approved

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Update approved. Thank you.

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