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Revealed Agenda Mythic UFO

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Chang Gang Agenda UFO


Screen Shot 2021-08-01 at 3.56.35 AM

not sure about the styling of this, looks kinda messed up to me, maybe the text is too streched? idk…

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appreciate the feed back man :slight_smile: cheerz

r u da reviewer of da gear btw itchy? just confirming cuz usually da fixes are more specific from kat vrglitch or shibu, sorry im asking if u r cuz i’m not sure if it’s a touch up request or just feedback!

Approved, Thank you.


Thank you vrglitch :smiley:

@vrglitch @Shibu Hey guys, this one’s new glb is 90% ready, wanna test it in world now, but u guys haven’t unapproved it yet, just clicked request fo change for it, let me kno when it’s ready to re-upload the new glb :slight_smile: thx vrglitch & shibu <3

You should be able to update your models

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tysm vrglitch, new model is uploaded and ready for this one to be re-published again, we will re-upload the other blue one tonight or tomorrow as well :slight_smile:

@Shibu @3rd_Eye_Visuals :smiley: :alien:

@vrglitch @Kat @Shibu Hey everyone! I have to create an update request for this item. Due to the rush to get the broken wearables back to a functioning item in DCL there is 1 Triangle that is purposed to the incorrect Material. Please revoke publish to allow the update to be made to keep everyone (especially the customers) happy :slight_smile: Thanks!!! @DaddyChang Kindest Regards: @3rd_Eye_Visuals

yea our bad this time guys facepalm XD, u shud DM Shibu on this bro, i’ve bugged vrglitch enuff already on this lol!

kindest regards & gratitudes

@DaddyChang @3rd_Eye_Visuals , ready, you should be able to update the model


hey vrglitch, ready on this one, cone size of the beam back to normal length as well & not extended into ground!

The other one we decided to make it more halloween themed so will let u guys know when it’s rdy :slight_smile:

Hey @vrglitch, this UFO is also affected by the UV mapping mishap. If you can unlock we can update on our end and just keep an eye on it in case it goes back to normal and affects the updated mapping. Thank you!!


Ready, you should be able to do the update.

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Hey @vrglitch so this is what it looks like on our end, doesn’t have the messed up thing, and few days ago was fine in Decentraland too i’ll post pictures of that too, we didn’t change anything! So now the concern on our end is if we fix (tweek) on our end, it gets messed up again on DCL’s side, and we gotta fix something again on our end <3

Screenshots of how they looked fine just last week, from festivals and everything

ok, great work, have you updated the model?

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Hey @vrglitch! The model on our end is fine. There is something with the Unity Engine that is causing the UV Mapping mishap. There is nothing we can do on our end to fix it. The model is fine on our end and was the whole time. I think a bug needs to be filed on GitHub regarding this UV Mapping Issue.

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