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Renner - Primavera/Verão 2022

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Look 01

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Hey, @michi this is the one we spoke about man. Can you have a look, please?

The collection has been assigned to Sango

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Hello Sango! Thank you if you can advance the approval of this piece .

Hi, you need a male and female representation for each of the upper and lowerbody models to avoid clipping and gap issues when using say the dress on a male or the female top on a male

Look 5 & 1 need thumbnails updating to represent the wearable more correctly

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Done @Sango !
Can you check again please?

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Hey @Sango could you take another look, please?

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please swap all in the “replaces” category over to the “hides” category please

clipping on the shorts where they overlap the upperbody

same slightly with long dress

@Sango we already solved these problems. Could you test it please?

Hey Sango !!! I think everything is working well now…Thks for your attention …

still a little gap between the shirt and lowerbody then all is good to go

We already made the change @Sango , could you check?

This collection has been approved