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Remarkable Wearables | Season 1

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Black Remarkable Women Hoodie

Red Remarkable Women Hoodie

Gold Remarkable Women Hoodie

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Female looks great, just gotta add male representations on all!

Thank you, Yannakis.

We updated the Gold Hoodie. Can you please review to make sure that does meet the requirements?

Our designer is updating the Black and Red Hoodie files as well. We will upload those as soon as we can.

Many thanks,

Looks good on male now. Make sure to select female when uploading the female version you had before and then select “add male representation” and drop the new male file

Thank you very much for explaining! I have now uploaded both versions for the Yellow Remarkable Women Hoodie.

Is the area circled in red an issue with the design/file?

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Hey, the yellow one looks great now. PLease do the same with the rest and will be good to go!

Thank you, all 3 have now been updated to include the male and female representations.

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Collection approved!