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Refraction’s Braids Style 1

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Over the Shoulder Maiden Braids

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Could you please re-upload the model to the builder and provide the source file of the model (in DMs, ofc)? Seems like it hasn’t been uploaded properly and tris count shows 0, the source model I download won’t load in Blender either.

But it’s good in-game, I just want to check the polycount, that’s it.


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Hi @AndreusAs,
The tris count is 1026. I’ve re-uploading the model and rechecked in world. I think the issue was I saved the blender file in blender version 3.2, then exported the hair model from blender 2.9 when I ran into issues where the armature would not export in ver 3.2.

In version 2.9, as long as I select the object, the armature exports with it. In 3.2, figured out I have to select all of it (armature, pose, pose lib and object) for it to include the armature.

An older concept version of this hair design had the same issue where tris count shows up as 0. I still haven’t figured out if there’s a way to resolve this on my end, it seems to occur for tris where the material name is set as AvatarHair_MAT. This includes when designing skins, the tris in the hair isn’t being calculated in the builder for some reason.

Thank you!

Collection approved!

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