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Red Team Bandana

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Misfit Bandana - Red Team

  • Description: Take over Decentraland with the Red team.
  • Rarity: rare
  • Category: mask

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Hello checking this now

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Hello @softegg ! Good job!

  • Please add back geo, wearables are not double sided in-world
  • Remove “mask” from the replace, you don’t need it
    Everything else is fine :slight_smile:

Let me know here when you are ready

Hey @fabeeobreen thanks for the quick review! Happy to add back geo, though I think it’ll put the number of triangles at ~600. Is that okay? I could also make the back geo lower res in order to reduce the triangle count if that sounds like a better approach.

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Yes that works! @softegg

@fabeeobreen cool, I made the updates. PTAL :slightly_smiling_face:

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@softegg collection approved!

@fabeeobreen thank you! I also posted the blue version for approval (Collection 'Blue Team Bandana' created by softegg#b6b5 is ready for review!). Since you already have context, please feel free to review that one too, if no one else picks it up.

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Hi again @fabeeobreen :slightly_smiling_face: I made some quick updates to the two items’ descriptions and was hoping you could review them. These updates don’t generate a new post so I’m not sure where they’re sent to.

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Hello @softegg ,
Yes you did the right thing contacting me here!
Both collections enabled again :slight_smile:

@fabeeobreen hooray thank you!

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