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Red Dragon

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Red Dragon Feet

Red Dragon Lower Body

Red Dragon Head

Red Dragon Upper Body

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Shoot, I forgot to include the female representation for the lower body. I dont see the option to add it to the collection now though

You should be able to click on the collection then the item, there’s a little drop down in the corner of item details (unless it’s already approved, then not sure if you can update)

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I am told that the DCL team can still allow it to be added. Awaiting the official reply from the team

Hey @Doug-NFTWorld!

As @michi said. You can still add the female representation of lower body.


Found it. Thanks @michi and @Shibu!

Awesome, approved @Doug-NFTWorld !

@Shibu I need to upload new models for this red dragon to fix the wings due to changes to the platform that were implemented recently after I submitted the wearables. How can models be updated after they are approved and minted?

@Shibu Can you disable this one too please? So that I can update the models for this collection too.

Already disabled @Doug-NFTWorld !

Hi @Shibu , the wings are fixed and I was able to update the female representations for this dragon as well. Can you re-approve this collection too please?

This looks amazing!!! Holy Cow!!!