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Red Bottom Loafers

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** Red Bottom Loafers + Gold Gun **

  • Description: Red Bottom Loafers + Gold Gun by TheGoldGuy
  • Rarity: mythic
  • Category: feet

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I’m in no rush :slight_smile: More coming soon DCL FAM!


LET’S GO!! I NEED THIS!! These EXPENSIVE… these is red bottttoms, these is BLOODY shoes


Fantastic work! These look amazing :slight_smile:


@Lauretta, thank you so much for the great suggestions and fast approval on our last wearable; it was a huge hit! When you find time, can you check out my latest one? I think this is our best work yet :slight_smile:


This Is Super Clean!!! great work!

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omg please i need these like last year haha

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Bro love the shoes! And more so the golden gun thats drip! Great work!

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Bang Bang, community at your door, let us in, WE NEED THE STRAP! PUBLISH PLEASE!! <3 Love and support!

-Blaze Squad Sincerely

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Gonna look DRIPPY in DCL, SHEEESH!

This is amazing, love it!!

That shit goes Hard! @TheGoldGuy Gang Gang. :100:

The community needs more of these types of creations! This is baller status at its finest here!! Amazing job mate! Noticed my comment from yesterday didn’t post lol but this definitely needs to be approved asap by the mod gods! :fire::call_me_hand:t3::cold_face:

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Looks nice but you might need to change your design a bit. There was a wearable previously that had to change its design due to it “condone / promote” violence

Good luck man!



Father Fin, I appreciate your support and concerns about the wearable submission, but we have already read the terms and looked at past approvals of other projects, and we feel really good about this one.

Example A. The committee approved the Meta Soldier with hand in gun and finger on the trigger.

Our gun is in the holster near the shoe wearable. This is our design concept and it goes well with our upcoming business line and events and I add the first red bottom shoe in DCL which you can wear with both male and female avatars.


well this is crazy cool and more concealed !! :eyes: :fire:

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Let it go! DCL isn’t violent. Lets put it to a DAO vote?


I agree KandyGirl! I really appreciate your support!

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I saw the wearable in the builder. Sometimes the wearables might be misleading in the thumbnail so I always double-check in the builder. I see, I’m sorry for the warning. I guess DCL isn’t as strict on guns / weapons as I thought. Best of wishes man!! :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:The synergy of the red and the gold looks nice.


BUMP BUMP!!! ICE High Society Line coming!