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Rare Shoe Merch

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Rare Shoe Glasses

Rare Shoe Beanie

Rare Shoe Cargo Pants

Rare Shoe Hoodie

Rare Shoe Skelton Pants

Rare Shoe Skelton Hoodie

Seems the female representation is a bit off for the Cargo Pants. Works well with male body type on upper body types but with the female body type you have a big invisible gap with most of the tops.

Yo! You might have problems with that skeleton suit just a head up. I tried submitting the exact same design and it was denied because someone had already done it. Just thought id let you know before you wait awhile for a mod to respond for them to tell you they wont accept it lol.

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Hey i just uploaded a female representation for both Cargo Pants and Skeleton Pants! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the heads up, if there’s any issue i’ll change the hoodie and pants color!

hey thanks a lot for you patience; @rareshoe , everything seems ready to go and works perfectly before approving thought I will need you to give me confirmation that you have permission to rareshoe logo, once you do that I will approve them

Hey @Lauretta i can confirm that the Rare Shoe logo is ours, handmade by us as well, we have full permission to the rareshoe logo!

thanks a lot will approve as soon as I can

approved @rareshoe !