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RainbowKit x ICE Poker

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Zorb Head

Zorb Head

The collection has been assigned to 0x5ce9fb617333b8c5a8f7787710f7c07002cb3516

Hey, is this ready to be reviewed?

hello there ser @Yannakis, it is indeed! There are two of the same bc we need more than 100k, just fyi :slight_smile:

Could you please make a slight change to one of them since its not allowed to have 2 identical items? Sorry for the trouble

@Yannakis just did good ser, let me know if that works

Thank you ser! Can you please point out the difference im struggling a bit to find it hah
Please also slightly change the name on one

Oh I see, I totally misread your original message. We are planning on dropping this to all rainbow wallet holders. Their NFT collection has ~130k holders, so the 100k of the first head would not be enough. I am not sure we can make an adjustment to the head as it would go against the previously decided terms of the drop. hmmm. let me check and see if we can find a resolution that suits both of us.

I can adjust the name on the second one rn


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@Yannakis update the 2nd one. I just flipped it on the Y axis. Let me know if this is sufficient good ser!

Collection approved!

@Yannakis updated thumbnail

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Approved both collection updates

@Yannakis forgot to hide an item

No worries, approved both

@Yannakis sorry ser, one last change

@Yannakis update to description

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis