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Queen of Hearts

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Queen of Hearts Wings

Queen of Hearts Earrings

Queen of Hearts Coronet

Queen of Hearts Aura


My first wearable submission! Let me know if anything needs to be fixed! Crosses fingers.

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Great collection Synthia! I love how they all work together! <3

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Thank you! Hopefully people will like each piece individually too!

Also have each piece individually for your viewing pleasure!

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:heart: Friendly bump! :heart:

@HirotoKai @Lauretta @Shibu @Chestnutbruze @vrglitch
Sorry to bother you guys, but it has been 15 days, and it seems no one has taken a look to review these…

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Cant wait for these to get approved! They’re perfect for this month of love! <3

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Let’s hope this gets reviewed before Valentine’s Day!

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I hope it does! Would be perfect for it!

hello there will review thos today

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fantastic work @SynthiaNominae before approving thought I have to ask you to hide the hat and helmets for the coronet since tthey will hide one another also please review it since there some hair that arent compatible with it
let me know when you do that and I will review the wearable again

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Got it! Hid hats and helmets, and scaled it to get it to fit with hairstyles!

thanks a lot will approve this item today @SynthiaNominae , however I just noticed that the wings has the hat category in order to appear with the tiara, im so sorry I didnt notice this before if its that way you can remove the hat form the hiding category on the coronet. let me know if you do that and push the changes and will reapprove the wearable

Done! Thank you for noticing!

thanks a lot approved

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THANK YOU! So excited! :grin:

Perfect! I loved it :heart::heart::heart:

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Thank you! I’m glad you like it!