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Punk Rave Girl

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Red Hair with Earrings

Red & Black Striped Socks

**Black Goth A-line Mini Dress **


Hey @GothQueen#6339! Nice wearables!

The inside of the skirt have flipped normals. Can you fix it to approve?


Thanks. Will adjust it again and let get to you.

Hi @Shibu,
I’ve already made changes to the lower body now, how can I re-upload it in the builder? Appreciated if you can guide me though this process.

Screen Shot 2021-12-31 at 09.44.55

Change the model here and then push changes! if you had some overrides, remember to put them again.


Hi @Shibu,

I’ve made changes to it, can you check if it looks okay now ? I tried to preview in real word but I seem to have problem everytime i tried to switch to the ropsten network. Please let me know if i need to further modify the item. Thanks

Hey @GothicQueen! The wearable still have the same issue.

Can you try to upload again? Which explorer are you using? Try using Chrome or Firefox.

Okay. Noted. Will try to upload them again. Thanks

Hi @Shibu , I’ve uploaded again, please kindly check.

Thank you.


Hi @Shibu,
Can you help me review the wearable again ? I’ve re-uploaded the new version already. Thank you.

Hey @GothicQueen !! Sorry for the delay!

@AndreusAs is going to continue the review!



The problem with flipped normals still persists in some occasions. It also looks like there are some unwelded vertices where the torso and skirt connect - it can be seen while moving or playing falling anim.


Hi @AndreusAs,
I’ve just re-upload them again. Please kindly check for me.
Thank you so much.

Hey, collection approved!