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Punk Pilot Helmet

Punk Beanie

Punk Top Hat

Viking Helmet

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Love this! Would recommend hiding the hair and adding a unique hairstyle to each hat. I’m not a mod but just a wearable creators recommendation~ :fire:


As @michi said i think you should hide hair in order to work.

Replace: helmet
Hide: hair

Also check the normals of all the wearables, it seems that something is off.

I am the creator of these wearables as a commission for Jon.

As you can see, all normals are facing out.
The wearable has the look that you’re seeing because Jon specifically asked for his items to be flat shaded instead of smooth shaded, to try to give the feel of his 8-bit NFT collection.
Hope this helps. If there’s some rule about not allowing flat shading, it will take next to no effort on my part to fix them for Jon if that’s what he wants, just say the word.

@Shibu @vrglitch @Kat I am happy with current look however let me know if this is an issue. Thanks in advance

Hey @Jon.The.Power!

There is not an issue being flat shaded. The normals can be facing out but the angles are still a bit off.

Try this selecting all the faces:

Let me know if this help you,


@Shibu I am ready to go, updated and made recommendations