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Punk Apestrong World Tour Merch

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Pink BAxHC Hat


Excited for this! THX!

Hi everyone…was wondering what the normal process for this is…I know I submitted on new years so expected it to take a while, but was gonna make something a little more serious for a project next and wanted to make a little timeline.

I really appreciate your help and excited to have more fun on dcl!!!


Approved it now :+1:

looking Good!
Once i understood how things work here, I’ll get one.
First day, first post here:D

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THANK YOU! I appreciate it!

Wow. Very cool! Want one :wink:

Hi, I purchased the Pink Hat and I noticed after that there is some hair poking out on either side of the design. I saw it in the thumbnail picture and thought perhaps it was just outdated.

Would you consider correcting this? I love the hat but the hair poking out is a little distracting. Thanks for your time. =)