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Punk Angles Collection #1

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Punk Angles Pink Hat

Punk Angles Pink T-Shirt

I made a typo in the collection name, should be “Angels”
Let me know if it’s possible to fix.


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Hey I can review this and sadly there are two things that can’t be updated and thats Collection Name and Wearable rarity. I’m sorry this spelling mistake has happened :frowning:

@michi thanks, please go ahead and review :slight_smile:

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Hey @hezi , I was going to test in world also but had a bit of a glitch loading so I’ll re-review but at the moment everything looks really good, love the pink! Only issue is male representation top seems to also be used on the female avatar creating clipping around the hips, can you upload a female version for the shirt?

Let me know when you updated!

I created a female version for the shirt. Can I add it to the current collection?
If that requires a resubmission, I’ll modify the existing model to eliminate clipping.

Please let me know :slight_smile:

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You can add it to the current collection!
When you update the glb make sure you select "male’ or "Female’ (based off the design) then go back to the collection and in the item details/page there’s a drop down on the right that says ‘Add xxx Representation’ so then regardless of gender the person can wear it~

Thanks for the guidance, updated with female representation.
Ready for review :slight_smile:

This is all approved! Really cool set~

LOL that screenshot got me.
thanks @michi !

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