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Pride 23 - Love with No Labels

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No Labels Rainbow Tee

No Labels Black Tee

No Labels White Tee

Hello will check this now

The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen

Hello! :slight_smile:

  • Please send IP usage rights for NoLabels and ADCouncil to

  • No Labels Rainbow Tee :
    Check arms skin mat > it appears to be darker than the rest of the body (see image). Make sure you are using default skin_mat without modifications.

  • No Labels Black Tee:
    There is an opacity issue over the eyes area, see image.
    Add hides > tiara

  • No Labels White Tee :
    Same as Black Tee, there is an opacity issue over the eyes area, see image.
    Add hides > tiara

The eyes issue is only visible in game: you can check items ingame by clicking on “see in world” from you collection’s page.

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hello @fabeeobreen thanks for your patience it seem there was an error uploading the skins now they should be fine. Rest of the feedback has been aplied as well.

About the brand if it works we have this publication from their site in Linkedin for the pride event. I’m going to send and email to legal with this link Ariba Jahan en LinkedIn: #web3 #metaverse | 11 comentarios

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Hey @Lauretta ! :slight_smile:
All good!
Please add hides again for the skin items : tiara, helmet, hat

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Oh sorry about that @fabeeobreen it should be changed now

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Collection approved! @Lauretta