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Pride Coffee

New York City Coffee

Checking these out now!

Hey! Nice cups, just one small thing.

  • Make sure that the teabag double sided, check out the screenshot.



Thanks, I’ve updated the model. Let me know if we’re good.

Great thanks, all approved. Cheers!

Thank you! I just pushed the new version of the Coffee Shop at parcel 15,61

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I have a newbie design question, let me know where I should post if it’s not appropriate to ask you directly.

We’re working on a hat. Does the hat replace the hair completely? What is the best practice for hats?

Yeah the best practice is to model your own hair, and have the hat hide the hair. That way you dont have to worry about different hair styles penetrating the hat. Check out this as an example

You can also use the default hair meshes as a starting point for this. You can find them on the githhub in here -