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poti by Tobik

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poti by Tobik

  • Description: poti is made by the YouTuber and content creator ‘Tobik’
  • Rarity: uncommon
  • Category: hair

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Checking this out now

Love the idea @Tobik !

a couple things you need to fix

  1. the dirt portion has the normals facing inward, they need to be flipped.

  2. A tiny part of the soil is clipping with the backside of the head, but sometimes it is not. It might be because of the skinning, make sure the entire wearable is skinned 100% to the head joint.

  3. You have too many materials and textures. The max limit is 2 materials and 2 textures, so you need to optimize it

Thanks for the feedback, @Chestnutbruze . How do I edit it?


You can just upload the new model into the builder

This is absolutely GENIUS :heart_eyes::face_with_hand_over_mouth::seedling:

Wonderful job @Tobik this is amazing!! :eyes: ill be waiting for it on the market =)

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Hello, @Chestnutbruze. I’m only able to upload only a male/female representation but not both. For example, I upload the male one but the button to upload the female is not available. What can we do? Thanks.

Hey @Tobik after uploading male, there should be an option to upload a female rep when you go into the collection. see the image below

Hi, @Chestnutbruze. It’s ready. Thanks.

Okay @Tobik , approving now