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Hahahaha YES! 420 blaze it :joy:


lol please I need this

@Kat hey can you hold on releasing this wearable. i am the creator and Budman is changing the deal, so it cannot be released untill a deal has been struck

Thanks, Sango
Metazoo Int.

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Sure thing, please ping @Shibu @vrglitch or me when the item is ready to be reviewed

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i paid 710 mana as agreed half upfront half when completed and told him id give him a %of the profits now he doesn’t trust me to pay him cause i wanted to change the % im still giving him the original %we agreed on idk how he has any rights to the wearable as i did pay him in full to make it from my own art work i sent him, i tried to reach him for multiple days about making variants of this and when i got sick of waiting for him to respond i found someone else to make them and hes telling me i cant do this either. if thats true then ill have someone remake from scratch but to the best of my knowledge i should not have to as i own the wearable out right i have the proof of transactions i sent him. currently waiting for a reply from him on discord to resolve this issue but i dont see why this is even happening if he doesnt have any ownership of it. all that is left to do is pay him the %we agreed appon when it sells i assumed i’d pay him when it sells out in 1 payment but i offered to pay the % weekly aswell but havent heard back from sango yet so i dont know if these terms are acceptable to him but dont see why they wouldnt be. @Kat

I have to be honest. If you agreed to a percentage just stick to it. I hope you and Sango can solve this issue. However, I have to emphasize the importance of trust in this world and adherence to a mutual agreemet. =)

Also, Sango nice wearable xD. Reminds me of the walking leaf from COD lol

we came up with an agreement ill just be giving him 25 of the wearables to sell himself

Yes we have come up with an agreement which we are both happy with.

We do want to make one adjustment before you pass the wearable though so we will have that updated by tuesday for you guys to check over again.

MetaZoo Int.

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we are finally 100% good to go now=D

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@Kat all set to be reviewed now. thanks!

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@Kat im trying to update wearable so auras wings ect. can be seen while wearing head i removed top head from hidden list can you please review this when you have a chance. thank you!

@Sango @Kat can you please tag someone to review this been in review here for about 2 months now

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