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Polygonal Mind Sneakers

Taking a butchers now

Looks good to me!

The glow comes across as strong but if that’s the vibe, I’ll approve at your request!

One more thing, not to say I don’t trust you (I do) but it is procedure; Can someone from Polygonal Mind contact or leave a comment in here to confirm the collab and then you can update the description so it says something else on the marketplace :slight_smile:

They look dope, looking forward to seeing them ingame! :call_me_hand:

Sure Thing, yeah we wanted to have a strong emissive with this one, that’s why is alson on the sole of the sneaker, not sure if it work but I’m Laura from the polygonal Mind team and this account is ours, here is the event where we announce the sneakers ( New LowPoly Store Launch Party ( and the tweet ( ˢᴾᴼᴼᴷʸ Polygonal Mind en Twitter: “Psst… Do you want one of these? :eyes: Claim our @poapxyz on the #MetaverseFestival or the #LowpolyStore Launch Party and you will be awarded with the official Polygonal Mind Sneakers for @decentraland! :raised_hands::green_heart: #Metaverse #NFT #Airdrops” / Twitter) promoting the sneakers.

If this doesnt work let me know and I will send an email to legal @Malloy

Forgot to tag you along!

@Lau Thanks for this! Awesome I’ll approve right away. Sorry for the formality but y’know how it is :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see them around the world :smiley:

No problem at all! You can never know so it’s better to ask :grin: