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The collection has been assigned to theankou

cape is too long and overlaps with floor on some emotes, can you shorten it please? thank you!
also, add additional model that will match tiara category


First, thanks for your quick response. We have read your suggestions, and I have 2 questions if you don’t mind answering:

  1. Cape size: We understand the issue with the size of the cape is with the collision (or better saying the none collision) with the floor when dancing etc. We have seen some other capes at Decentraland marketplace, just as long as the one we are trying to get approval for, although those have collision with the floor. So our question is would it be alright for you if we add such collision, instead of making it shorter?

  2. Tiara Category: Regarding the tiara category, we have decided it would be nice to add a small eye mask to the model, just like many superheroes, so, would it be alright if we add such eye mask and put the whole set under eyewear category?

Thanks ind advance,
Kind regards

  1. By collision, do you mean proper weight painting? I dont understand what do you mean with “collision”
  2. I think yes, let’s try this!


By collision (might not be the right word) I mean that the cape wrinkles when touching the floor, so it does not go through the ground.

I’m not the designer, so I understand that the right wording to use might be to “put weight”. Or if you tell me what is the most common technique used by the other creators that want such cape size, if any.


Ok, I have had a chat with our designer, and apparently all the long capes, are weighted with the character legs to make it look like it wrinkles, we are going to be doing some tests and upload, so you can let us know what you think (sorry if my vocabulary about weights etc. is not the right one, I’m not the designer as I have already stated)

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let me know by tag @theankou when you will push updates

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@theankou new version updated with both issues fixed! Please take a look and let us know!

Kind regards

idea to weight paint bottom part to legs is awesome! but it should work without overlaps, so overlaps like on screenshot needs to be fixed :frowning:

also, thumbnail should have transparent background, currently your thumbnail have gray background color

model seems broken in-world (you can test wearables in-world by clicking on three dots in collection and then clicking on “see in-world” button

also, i believe your cape don’t have thickness, right? that way it will only be visible from 1 side in-game, so, make sure to add thickness for cape @PlayVerse36.8

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Will review all this asap. Thanks

Hi @theankou !

Firstly, I would like to thank you for your time and efforts on this. We are doing our best to have everything working as it should, but we are still having some issues.

We manage to fix everything when it comes down to the builder, but as soon as we look at it using the “See in world” option, then is where everything goes wrong. For some reason, what we see on Blender and at Decentraland builder, are totally different from what it can be seen on world. It looks like it is broken, and we are not just talking about this NFT, we have another 24 ready to be listed, but we have just realized they all suffer from the same issue.

We understand you have a lot of experience when it comes down to wearables, so we would like to ask you for any possible help. We have tried everything we could think of, and still not being able to fix things up with the wearables (we have built games, buildings, mechanics and a lot of stuff working just fine, is just wearables). We use Blender in order to create things, then export a glb file and import them into Decentraland Builder. Furthermore, we have heard some people saying that the official files from Decentraland (the rig, or bones as some like to call them), sometimes could give a lot of trouble specially with Blender, and someone told us there is some kind of “unofficial” version of such files that seem to solve the issue. Do you know anything about this?

Would you mind helping us find the root of the issue?

Kind regards

Hi! I will take a look at your GLB cape file to see whats wrong (i dont need any files, i can take them directly from curation tab in builder)

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to fix this issue you will need to go to edit mode → and then select and delete all bones with _end suffix
after that wearable will work perfectly in-world :slight_smile:

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Hi @theankou!! First of all let us thank you for your kind support. That seemed to be exactly the issue we are having, and we will apply such solution to all the other NFT’s we have to launch pretty soon.

Please check the wearable right now, we think we have corrected all the issues it had, let us know if anything else comes up after your review.

Kind regards

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Wait, we have just notice there is some small overlap on certain emotes with the facemask, let us fix it.

let me know when you will push update, thank you!
i approved collection, but i will need to re-approve it after you will update model

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@theankou fixed, it should not collide anymore

Should we click push changes button?

yeah, you should click push changes :slight_smile: