Collection 'Placebo DFH Meta-Genesis' created by Roei#ede7 is ready for review!

Placebo DFH Meta-Genesis

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The Visionary

** The Wize**

The Prophet

The Alchemist

The Watcher

The Prayer


Will check these now!

These look great! Any way to fix the arms colliding with the clothes on the first one?
For the second one there are some areas that have to be covered marked in blue and some weighting issues marked in red.

We are fixing these now. Thanks @Yannakis

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Hello @Yannakis
Upload a new file for The Alchemist . soon will be new one for the watcher.

Roei Derhi

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@Yannakis The watcher is ready as well! :slight_smile:

looks good, collection approved!

@Yannakis Thank you!:slight_smile:

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@Yannakis Looks like for some reason it shows that the skins are not for sale in my store: