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Pirate Hat

  • Description: Ahoy, matey! Go plunder in style. Chose your hair color!
  • Rarity: legendary
  • Category: hat

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First-ever Pirate hat :slight_smile: nice! All you need is the top,bottom, shoes plus sword

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Yup! Unfortunately it’s going to have to come in phases because I can’t afford to list more than one :joy::joy:

I love this so much! Great work!

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@collections @admins @Lauretta @vrglitch

Not sure who will be assigned curator, but please let me know when you are reviewing. I would like to update a typo in the item description. Thank you for the work you do!

You can update description, model and tags if you want.
Will let you know when your item is under review.

Thank you. I just didn’t want to reset the item’s position in the que.

sheesh oh man this shit is dopeee

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Hello @Lauretta @vrglitch … Just applying a friendly bump to hopefully get my hat reviewed today :grimacing:

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Taking a look at it now!

Looks great just gotta fix the normal issue on the top part. Let me know when you upload the fixed version by tagging me here!

Thanks @Yannakis … fixed!

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Will check in a min!

Collection approved!

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Thank you all for the work :pray:.

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@Yannakis sorry to bother, but I’m having an issue that the items status is stuck on “loading”. When placed in Marketplace, it doesn’t render at all :person_shrugging:. In Builder it works fine though.

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Having a look now, will let you know once we have it figgured!

No sweat. If it helps I can make a slight change and resubmit.

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yeah if you want to try that itd be great’

Ok I uploaded a slight change.

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