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PHILIPP PLEIN and CryptoKing

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CryptoKing Time Machine Necklace

hello! checking this now!

The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen


  • Provide Philipp Plein IP usage rights to
  • Update category: you either create a full upperbody (1500 triangles) or you add some earrings (or mask if you prefer) and you update it using that category. Mind that triangle limits for earring/mask category is 500.
  • Avoid any see through: items are not double sided in game, add back geometry (see image)

Hi, thank you for the feedback.

  1. I’ve asked Plein team to verify to the email address I have the rights to upload IP on their behalf.
  2. We went with earrings :). We slimmed it down to 665 triangles. Is there any way you can make an exception for this? Quite a bit of work was put into creating it.
  3. Back geometry has been added as requested.
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Hello @jasonrosenstein !

  • Alright we will wait from legal team green light before proceeding with approvation
  • Can you make the chain double sided as well?
  • Add earring geometry, include it in at least 50% of the thumbnail image

Thanks, the chain is now double sided & a small earring has been added. Will this suffice? The earring is included in only a very small section of the thumbnail and the polygon count had to be increased for the chain.

Hello @jasonrosenstein !
Much better!

  • Please make the earring bigger in the thumbanail, try to use at least 50% of the image.

If I switch it to the mask category could we submit with current thumbnail? I am trying to make sure the image clearly shows what the item is.


You will need to create a mask and include it in the thumbnail.
You can keep the chain with a good visibility scaling up the earring, side by side or behind.
Just make sure to include the earring or the mask in at least 50% of the image space.

OK, kept it as a mask and included the earring in more than 50% of the image thumbnail.

You are using earring category and it’s correct as it is.
Well done with the thumbnail.
Collection is approved :slight_smile: @jasonrosenstein