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Phetta Head

Hey @emotionull!

The head currently has 56K tris. You need to reduce the tris to approach the limit about 1k tris before approving.


Hello! I managed to get the model to about 1,700. Would this still be too high or is this an acceptable level? Any lower and I seem to lose form of the model.

It seems when I try to upload my new file with fewer triangles it does not save even if I hit save after.

Well the limits are 1000 tris but max for sure is 1.5k tris for upper body & lower body. Helmet is 1k tris. Shoes are 500 and accesories are max of 500 tris

I have uploaded a new version with only 400 triangles :smiley:

wow you actually were able to lower it down! Wow! I am impressed to for your work. I like the mouse head a lot haha

Thank you! I hope to bring more of my characters into the metaverse, currently mainly do AR with my 3d work! Also everything i make is in VR :smiley:

I have the correct triangle amount with the file ready but as I mentioned above whenever I try and replace the current file it will revert back to the previous one. What is the best way to move forward?

Hi @emotionull

You can change the .glb model. What issue are you having changing it? Did you save the changes?

I still see the high poly model in the curators page.

Here is me initially uploading:

And saving a second time as well:

Now if I refresh It will revert back to the high poly one.

Hmm, that’s weird, yes.

Going to look what’s happening.

Yeah, attempted to clear cache as well. I am even getting signature confirmations via Metamask.

Wasn’t sure if maybe it was a file issue, exported the Phetta head as a gltf and new name and uploaded and saved it. Not sure if it’s still not replacing. Can I provide the file here? Or is there a workaround? Seems to be some issue with Decen saving the previous file and caching it.

OH just kidding!! it saved :slight_smile:

@emotionull! How are you? Thanks for your insights! We could debug something that was acting weird regarding the properties.

Your models looks OK now. One last thing: Please include in overrides: mask, eyewear, top head. Hides: hair, facial hair, earrings.

Screen Shot 2021-06-24 at 11.24.02

Great! Thank you very much! Just updated those as well. Glad that it was able to be debugged and excited to release Phetta into Decen :smiley:

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Please let me know if any further changes need to be made! :slight_smile: