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Pepe Head

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Pepe Head


Name : Pepe Head

category: Helmet
rarity: Epic

1168 Triangles
1 Materials
1 Textures

Equip this Head, become a Pepe




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This is fire :eyes::fire:I love it hit me up on Twitter @zero2hero_DCL

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Hey Ser, thankyou, just followed you on twitter :frog: @ZERO2HERO

different angles

i just found out there was a Pepe wearable that did not approve (Collection 'Streampepe' created by Saus is ready for review! - #3 by Malloy)
can i start a new collection with this object but with a different name?
@Malloy @HirotoKai @Lauretta

Hey @Equipit ,
In order to use pepe head design you will need Matt Furie consent.
You can also reformulate your design and upload a new model.
I’m afraid collections name cant be changed.
Have a good day!

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Hello there,
thank you for the review
the collection name changed to:

the head design is a little far away from the original " Pepe the frog ", lemme know if its necessary to change the design.
also for the design, Matt Furie mentions a few places which he has no problem with any Pepe fan arts or anything that can help the Pepe community.
here is his short conversation with one of the Biggest Pepe NFT Whales:

as you already know people(artists and Meme makers) are creating many many Pepe fan arts around the world, especially since NFT is hyped, we all are trying to spread the Pepe.
we have already a few Pepe Model inside Decentraland, the famous one is the Pepe dealer inside Decentral Games, meanings earlier the other started to have Pepe inside DCL, Let us help the Pepe to be everywhere. :frog:

oh sorry i forgot to mention you, im going to mention again, sorry if this is a spam

Hey @Equipit totally understand your point, your item is fan art but on the other side you will be making profit from others IP.
Decentral Games Frog is not a wearable, it is an NPC inside their scene.
I’m afraid that wearables without IP owner consent cant be approved.
If you think something should be done different or if you have a new idea on how to work with this kind of IP’s please feel free to start a DAO proposal.

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okay, i got what is the problem!
what if we change the price for free?
something like reward or airdrop, we(my group) can create a game and those wearables can be a reward for winners or who joined.
as a Pepe lover, i want to spread Pepe into the world
we dont want to make a profit from others’ IP!!!
@vrglitch @Malloy @HirotoKai @Lauretta

also description can be changed which these wearables airdropped for FREE, PLS do not buy/sell
++ we can create a minter which will be an airdrop for every single DCL user.
let’s decide on a way to bring Pepe wearables as a gift for DCL Players, we want to have pepe everywhere!

That’s a awesome idea. Please try to get Matt Furie consent and send it to to reconfirm that the NFT/wearable submitted is in full compliance with Decentraland’s Content Policy and Terms of Use and you accept those terms.
Let me know when you are ready!

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