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Party Host

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Smoking Shoes (ICE Level 1)

Smoking Shoes (ICE Level 3)

Smoking Pants (ICE Level 4)

Smoking Pants (ICE Level 2)

Smoking Jacket (ICE Level 5)

Captain’s Hat (ICE Level 5)

Smoking Jacket (ICE Level 4)

Smoking Glasses (ICE Level 4)

Smoking Glasses (ICE Level 5)

Captain’s Hat (ICE Level 1)

Captain’s Hat (ICE Level 3)

Smoking Glasses (ICE Level 1)

Smoking Glasses (ICE Level 2)

Smoking Jacket (ICE Level 1)

Captain’s Hat (ICE Level 4)

Smoking Pants (ICE Level 1)

Smoking Pants (ICE Level 3)

Smoking Pants (ICE Level 5)

Smoking Shoes (ICE Level 4)

Smoking Shoes (ICE Level 2)

Captain’s Hat (ICE Level 2)

Smoking Jacket (ICE Level 2)

Smoking Glasses (ICE Level 3)

Smoking Jacket (ICE Level 3)

Smoking Shoes (ICE Level 5)

Reviewing this now :+1:

Hey, looking good. A couple things though:

  1. missing female representation on these items:
    ''Smoking pants (ICE level 3) and ‘‘Captain’s hat (ICE level 5)’’

  2. Can’t change hair color on the female hats, need to assign the correct material. Can see on the image I’ve chosen red hair, but the hair is black. The male version is fine

  3. Regarding the hats I suggest adding some objects to the Replace or Hide sections, the hat will clip with many helmets and tiaras

  4. There’s no visual difference between the glasses except for the level 5 ones. Below you can see pictures of two of the glasses:
    image image

Maybe the same model was uploaded mistakenly on several of the glasses? Cause I see the thumbnails you uploaded are different.

@Chestnutbruze ty for such a thorough review ser. very much appreciated. There was a bug when uploading I was addressing with shibu. Will definitely get started on these fixes and will ping when done. ty again kind ser

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@Chestnutbruze i see now that the color changing for the glasses is working in the builder editor but not the test world. will address that as well. ty ser

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@Chestnutbruze the female hats should be good to go. still waiting on glasses

Hey @Saus, i’m still seeing the same issue with the female hats. The builder was going through maintenance last night so maybe it wasn’t updated properly, can you double check if the hats are fixed on your end ?

@Chestnutbruze they all should be good to go now! pls let me know if not - funny business with txs

Great, just approved them @Saus , good job :+1:

hello ser @Chestnutbruze I just reuploaded male/female reps to fix a clipping issue with ICE Suit :slight_smile:

Hey @Saus , you mean the smoking jackets?

I have to make sure that all the ICE drops can be mixed and matched - the ICE suit trousers would clip the robe, so i had it adjusted a little :slight_smile: @Chestnutbruze

updated level 1 cap hat thumbnail, it was off

hello ser @Chestnutbruze, made some slight adjustments to the jacket here. May I ask to have this reapproved please? Thank you good ser!

Hey, sorry for the delay. Reapproving now

@Chestnutbruze I updated the names of the items