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Party Animal Sunglasses

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Party Sunglasses


Cool glasses, Im going to review them, and I will go back to you

Awesome, thank you! I couldn’t get it into the test world just builder so hopefully everything is ok

They seem to work perfect and they look really cool, approved

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Thank you so much! Stoked to publish my first wearable. Unfortunately I had the wrong format thumbnail so have fixed that and just need approved. Thanks in advance :smiley:

Hey, not to hassle you but can this new thumbnail please be approved. Really appreciate the work you guys n girls put in!

Thanks heaps

No problem, It should be approved right now

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fixed flipped faces that were not rendering in game on left side on sunnies

Everything else is the same :slight_smile:

I notice these doesn’t replace mask and helmet @T0kenkiwi ! Can you add that to overrides to approve? Thanks

Hey @Shibu I added the replace helmet but would love to keep the mask as it works with multiple masks that I wear often. I also added a female version and updated the thumbnail to represent this.

Hope all is good now :smiley:

collection approved!

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