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Panda Head

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Panda Head

Hey Frankie#2f09! How are you?

Please hide head in overrides and attach the neck of the avatar to the mesh of the helmet.


Hi Shibu !

Everything s fine Thanks ! maybe a little bit nervous for the approval stage :nerd_face:

I apply the changes that you requestesed. Hopefully now the wearable is fine.

Thank you very much !!!

This wearable is awesome!

Ona more thing, can you change in overrides the category facial_hair? Instead of replace put it in hides. That way when the user unequipped the helmet it retains the facial hair already selected.

Screen Shot 2021-12-30 at 17.22.13


And that is done ! apologies for those little mistakes…

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I pushed some small changes. it shoud be ready for review !

Thanks !

I think my asset looks awesome !!!
Thank you very much to the team ! they made the process very easy and user friendly !!!


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