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Pablos lol Joint

Pablos lol Joint - emote

I will check collection now!

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Thank you, I think the logo is from many months ago (as far as placement) … but the earring is the logos too.

wearables seems ok, but you will need to send IP rights for “weRpablo” to

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What is needed for that exactly? The CEO of the project has given me the “ok”. Is there a certain form/letter you all need … or guidelines?

well, i dont know what you should send to them, so just please contact to legal team they will provide more info of what data you should give them

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ok. Do they work weekends? lol

im not sure, but it’s better to send message as soon as possible, maybe they will answer earlier

Yeah, just sent an e-mail. Thanks for checking it out. I’m sure they’ll want some sort of wording, something legal specific. We’ll see, thanks again.

So, how long do I wait on DCL legal?

Hey @Zom, You’ve got any response from legal team on mail?

I don’t see anything from them. I checked spam inbox too, nothing there either.

Hey @Zom, can you check once again please?
Legal team told me that they sent you message and they are waiting more evidence of authorisation of ip rights, they’re waiting for your reply

I got their response … I had to ask them what exactly they needed. Now that I know what they want, I’m working with the CEO/NFT project to send a “letter [email] of authorization”. And being its the weekend, I’m probably waiting till Monday+.

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Well, it looks like they sent a letter of authorization to legal about 5 hrs ago, so hopefully it suits them.

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Hey! @theankou is away atm and asked me to approve the collection. I did :slight_smile:

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Hey, thanks … sorry, for the slow response I lost the link to forums once approved.

Tags updated for DCLMF23

Hey, this is still needing reviewed … it’s showing unsync’d still for whatever reason.

collection re-approved!

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