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Ornate Lobster, by MD for Droffo

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Ornate Lobster Leggings

The collection has been assigned to Sango

Hi could you clean up the thumbnail please, it needs to have to have the wearable all as one and not broken up as you have it .

a logo is okay but try not to put too much writing into it, keep in mind the thumbnail will be viewed small so its best to have the one item large in the thumbnail, take a look in the market place and you will see what i mean

Hi Sango.

Please note there are different shells for both genders.

I’ll clean it up, the wearable will be displayed bigger, and both logos will remain displayed. As for avatars, they helped, but I’m guessing you’re implying they could be removed.

Regards, MD.

Hi @Sango

The thumbnail is updated, I believe the legs shape show the gender well. Thanks.

Kind regards, MD.

This collection has been approved