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Original Penguin MVFW23

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Exploded Floral Set

Abstract Printed Lady Tennis Set

Exploded Floral Ratner

**Resort Print Polo **

Retro Sport Logo Track

Will check this collection now!

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Make sure to hide lower body for the Floral Set.
Tennis set skirt has to be filled on bottom to not appear transparent due to backface culling.
All shirts need more Hips weighting at hips area both at front and on the back area where you can see the clipping with pants.
If you want to keep the shirts for both male and female body types you’ll have to adjust to female hips height and add to existing wearables as female representation. Otherwise choose only male.


Hey @Yannakis , thanks for the feedback, we just re-uploaded all assets implementing your feedback, and hide the lower body for the floral set.

Should be good now?

All shirts clipping with female body. Need to switch them to male only or add female representations adjusted to the female hips height.
For the skirt you need to duplicate the faces, scale them down a bit and flip the normals.

Hello, thanks for the feedback, all are updated now with new files and gender attribution to facilitate the fitting.

Please let me know if works :slight_smile:

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@Yannakis tagging you here

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Looks great, collection approved!