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Oops I did it again! Meta Skate2

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  • Description: IM FAST AF BOY! Why walk? (shakes will not show well with pants)
  • Rarity: legendary
  • Category: feet

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@Shibu @SteveScott @Malloy @Chestnutbruze @vrglitch @Lauretta

Can we Make Sure that this one has a Blue Check on OpenSea my last couple of NFTs are missing the blue check and wont sell very good on OpenSea

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Saw your post on reddit , here’s my wallet. Thank you mate : )

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From reddit man :slight_smile:


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Awesome Sauce! Thanks for the Support! I sent you my Red Halo wearable NFT! It has a Blue Check on OpenSea

Dude Thank you so much for the Support! I Sent you my Red Halo NFT!



Looks great, can’t wait to rock them. Greetings from Poland :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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Thanks for the Comment! These havent been approved yet but I sent you my Red HALO NFT!!!

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Small Suggestion : Alpha out the black background for the flame trail. Nice job :slight_smile:

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Is There anyway to get a blue check on my other NFTs too as well as this one

Great Advice thank you very much! Good catch


I came here from your post on Reddit.

Thank you.

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How do i get a blue check on these on OpenSea @Shibu @SteveScott @Malloy @Chestnutbruze @vrglitch @Lauretta someone please help me out. Thank you!

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I don’t think they control the blue check that is OS for verified collections. I believe this will fall under the main wearables collection on OS

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That’s what i was thinking as well but all the information i found says that Decentraland has the blue check not the creators. I’m just not sure how it works why would some of my NFTs have Blue Checks and not the others…

YO! I apricate you stopping in and showing some love! i have sent you my Red Halo NFT as promised! LMK what you think okay.


from reddit, they look dope!

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Also from reddit. They look sick haha.

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Thank you kind sir! I have sent you my Red Halo as Promised!