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ØNES Fan Gear

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ØNES Fan T-shirt

I will check collection

Thank you so much Theankou!!

Wearable seems broken?

Hey, could you let me know the issues you are seeing so we can have the team resolve?

thank you!

as you can see on screenshot, wearable is not weight painted / assigned to skeleton and looks just static

The collection has been assigned to theankou

Thank you, we have uploaded an updated version and tested that it works with emotes with both the wearable so it moves with the body and is no longer static!

female version needs to be adjusted

How do we adjust the female version exclusively? is that done in blender? do we need to make 2 versions of the glb file?

yes, you will need to do two GLB and update wearable in builder, you can upload 2 glb for different gender for 1 wearable

Ok, I believe we updated!

hard for us to tell. We have both GLB files ready do you see them?

We can also send you the files directly if easier!

how do we upload 2 files? it only seems to let us do one

you should add glb for male firstly, then hit three dots and there will be “add female representation”

Got it! should be fixed now, thank you!

Event is in 30 minutes in case you can approve quickly! :slight_smile:

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remove upper_body from hides category

Done! Thank you so much!

collection approved!