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ØNES Collection

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Jenn Face (ØNES)

Black Cat Mask (ØNES)

Hi! I will review this collection!
Collection is missing in curation tab currently, can you push a small change? (for example - add tag), thank you!

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Thank you, we have made the change! Let us know if we need to do anything else!

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The collection has been assigned to theankou

Please add a neck for both of wearables
Also, Jenn Face triangles count is ~7k, please reduce triangle count 1500 or less

also, remove head category from replaces list and add it to hiding list

Thank you!

We have added necks, reduced triangle counts under 1500 and put head on the hiding list!

Please let us know if we need to do anything else, hoping to use these for a rehearsal this weekend and event next week!

Appreciate your attention and work here!

Hey! @NFTNFTNFT, please remove helmet from hiding category
also, for jenn face, limit is 2 materials, currently it’s 6, please reduce to 2 materials
and for the black cat, please close all holes

there is also an issue with neck
to fix this issue you will need to assign marked part to 1 to neck bone

also, as i see on female neck goes inside the body, this needs to be fixed too (neck should end in the same place as standard neck on female base model) , the same for male

Got it! to be clear, is the neck issue only for Black Cat?

issue happen on both wearables

Thank you, we have made the edits to both wearables, please let us know if it is now ready for approval.

Appreciate your support here!

issue is not fixed. neck seems to be assigned to spine2 bone instead of neck bone.

Hi, could you provide a bit of guidance as to how to resolve this?

is it a change we need to make directly on the glb file?

Thank you!

yes, this issue needs to be fixed in GLB, neck part on model needs to be weight painted to 1 to neck bone

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Thank you! We have made the edit, and hope it is ready for approval and minting!

black cat mask still have issues with neck, it’s inside of body.
can you also snap neck vertices to body neck vertices?

Got it, weve made the requested edits, thank you for your guidance!

black cat have inverted normals in-game

and this part needs to be welded

you can test wearables in-wolrd by going to your collection → hit three dots → see in-world

Will work on this now, is there any way we can hop op a call together sometime today just to make sure we get this right and dont have to keep coming back to you?

happy to meet based on your availability!

this is last issues that left, everything else is fine :slight_smile:

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